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The Four Proven Steps to  Be, to Do, and to Have Anything in life

Life happens! Many times life tries to recreate us, reinvent us, or make us who she thinks we should be. But it's left for us to choose whether we want life to reinvent us or we do it by ourselves.

Irrespective of what you have been through in life or whatever you are going through now, you can create a new version of you. You can change it all for your good. You can change your story. You can re-invent yourself.

Some of what you will discover from Reinvention Blueprint Are:

If you are already losing hope trying to quit that KILLING bad habit of yours, then you would be glad to read a true-life story of how Ryan (a married man of 10 years) let go of 25 years CAPITAL  addiction in less than three months after he read Reinvention Blueprint . Full story on  Pg.xi

Do you think your marriage is at a point of no return? You can learn something from how Janet uncovered and healed her childhood programming that almost cost her, her marriage. - pg xi

The POINT of time at which everything took off for Paul, a student of Private University in Texas, and how he got a car from an unexpected source in 3 weeks. – pg.xii

Dozen reasons why the cost of remaining the same is astronomically high and why you can't afford to keep living status quo. - pg 1

The Billion Dollar Mistake that led 'K' company to declared bankruptcy in 2012, relationship with award-winning Steven S. And what you can learn from its reinvention. - pg 3

Discover the PRINCIPLE of TAPPING into the supernatural catalyst that brings about exponential growth and ushers in a life of unparalleled increase and abundance. - pg 8

Your DNA was already distorted and you don't know it. Uncover what's in your past that's holding you back and preventing you from living life up to your full potential. - pg 10

The 5 key areas you need to reinvent to live the life you are born to live - to avoid personal bankruptcy.

Peak behind the scenes of a REAL LIFE CASE STUDY of how John experienced spiritual re-invention, and set up a business that made him a millionaire. - pg 33

How to reinvent your spiritual life in 4 SIMPLE words. - Pg 34

Are you broke and cash-strapped?  Do you feel trapped in a circle of NEVER-ENDING poverty, lack, and depression? Discover on page 36 what you must do to begin the  process of your financial reinvention. You Fail this – you stay trapped for life. - pg36

How to BANNISH every thought of lack, poverty, and misery with this aged wisdom from RICHEST MAN EVER LIVED and break free from getting blocked.

The 5 lessons from great FINANCIAL RE-INVENTION STORY IN the Bible. MUST READ. -  pg40

The one simple choice made by Mike to reinvent his health at 75years of age and one choice that cost his friend his life. - pg44

If you want to reinvent yourself starting today - check out these BIG 8 FACTS. - pg 59

Those who reinvent themselves are --------- and not afraid to say that their ------- need to be updated and that where they are right now is not enough to take them where they want to go. Fill in the blank. Read - pg 62

The single point you need to focus on first if you must succeed in reinventing yourself. FOCUS on this and you will WIN. - pg67

The 4 steps proven system you MUST follow RELIGIOUSLY if you want to reinvent yourself and get a new life. - Pg 70

118 possible wrong faculties programming that got you stuck and how to get rid of them fast. - pg 106

Ten steps process of uninstalling negative programming in your life starting today. No COMPROMISE. - pg78

You are most likely grounded by one of these 100 phobias and don't know it. It's time to break free. - pg95

How you answer these questions will determine how successful you will be in life. See page 115.

Discover the Jerry Clark's six (6) steps to 30 days mental fasting system that can skyrocket your success. Do this - break from thought CAPTIVITY. - pg127

THE MISSING LINK – The major reason why most prayers don't get answered. So OBVIOUS. Don't DISCOUNT this. - pg 134

Want to lose weight fast? see pg 136

The SIMPLE reason a lot of people (including you) are not experiencing FINANCIAL INCREASE in life and what to do. - pg 137

Once again, Reinvention Blueprint is not just a book; it's a workbook for life.

If you are ready to reinvent any area of your life or know someone who needs reinvention, then Reinvention Blueprint is a must-read.

I just passed my Board after 4 attempts. I gave up after the third attempts, and then I read Reinvention Blueprint, I was reminded that I can do it. I am very grateful for you. Thank you Emmanuel ... Kemi, ML

I checked out on life 8 years ago after my first marriage failed. I got your book (Reinvention Blueprint) through a friend and he forced me
to read it, I must commend you that God has used you to let me know it's possible. I can be loved again. I am now engaged with a beautiful
lady, I call her a gift from the Lord. Thank you Emmanuel. .... Ray, NY

I've decided to go back to school to get my Degree after reading Reinvention Blueprint. Thank you so much Emmanuel for this Blueprint, now
I tell myself everyday "I can do this".... Janet, Houston TX

I lacked investment skill. I didn't believe in savings, or even investment and then I read your book, I am now a changed man. I am reinventing my financial life. Thank you for putting this together for this generation...... David, FL

I look forward to reading your testimonial of how Reinvention Blueprint has helped you.


Emmanuel Adegbola

Author: Reinvention Blueprint

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